Former WWE Star Calls Randy Orton “Incredible Locker Room Leader”

randy orton wwe camera

Randy Orton has been mentioned by a former WWE star as a “locker room leader” that helped a lot of talent in the company.

For over twenty years, Randy Orton has been a big part of the WWE roster. In 2004, he became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history at 24 years old, which is a record he still holds. Orton is also one of the most decorated wrestlers in WWE history since he’s a former 14-time World Champion that has headlined multiple WrestleManias in his career.

While Orton is celebrated for being one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time, he wasn’t always known for being the nicest guy. Orton got in trouble plenty of times behind the scenes, he was the reason some people quit the company, he was suspended for his behavior at times and many people thought of him as a jerk.

Over the years, Randy Orton has matured a lot because that’s what happens especially when you become a married father like Orton is now. Orton will turn 43 years old on April 1st (the first night of WrestleMania 39) and there are rumors that he is ready to make his return after having back surgery last year.

Former WWE superstar Killian Dain, who is known as Big Damo now, had some really nice things to say about Randy Orton while talking to WrestleNewsco earlier this week.

“Randy was an incredible locker room leader and [a] great [person] to be around because… you hear all of these stories about them and they’re just not true. He was wonderful to all of us, watching him wrestle every night on the house shows and stuff like that was f**king incredible because he’s outstanding at what he does.”

“I think that I learned to appreciate him more the more I saw him as well because he always had great matches and everything else, but the way he took his time and orchestrated the crowd, he was literally a level above everybody.”

“I’m hearing that he’s having back issues, I’m really hoping it’s not true because he’s maybe the most important person on that roster right now and I’m hoping that he’s able to push through it, what a worker he is. What a leader.”

If Randy Orton does appear on WWE TV during WrestleMania weekend, it will be his first time on the show since last May when his extended absence began.

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