Randy Orton Challenged To Match At NJPW Wrestle Kingdom

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A NJPW wrestler thinks the Forbidden Door should be opened so that he could have a match with WWE’s Randy Orton.

It is Forbidden Door season in pro wrestling because of the upcoming AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door PPV taking place on June 30th.

In addition to that, WWE is also working with TNA Wrestling since Jordynne Grace will be challenging NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez for Perez’s title this Sunday at NXT Battleground. The favor will be returned the other way because Grace will face an unnamed WWE wrestler at the upcoming TNA PPV Against All Odds on June 14th.

Randy Orton has been a WWE guy for nearly 25 years and has stated many times that he wants to spend his entire career with WWE. While Orton is firmly entrenched with the company, he is also a target of wrestlers in other companies.

Gabe Kidd is the current NJPW Strong Openweight Champion and he is known for being a unique trash talker who isn’t afraid to talk smack about anybody at any time. That includes the 14-time WWE World Champion Randy Orton, who Kidd called out while speaking on WrestleThings recently.

“I’ll say this right now, you want to talk about a real Forbidden Door, let’s open it. I’ll f**king put this out there right now. Wrestle Kingdom 19, I want Randy Orton one on one. I’m saying that right now. He had a bit of beef with Will Ospreay back in the day, he didn’t do s**t about it. Randy Orton, I want you one on one.”

“You want to open the real Forbidden Door? I don’t give a f**k about AEW. I’ll deal with them when I go there. I’ll deal with them at the official Forbidden Door. Wrestle Kingdom 19, I want Randy Orton. Look at me. I’m the legend killer now. I killed [Hiroshi] Tanahashi, I’m gonna kill off Shingo [Takagi], I’m gonna kill off all these Japanese legends, then I’m coming for your head. Don’t get it twisted, I will f**k up Randy Orton.”

Wrestle Kingdom 19 is NJPW’s biggest event of the year and takes place in the first week of January at the legendary Tokyo Dome, which is where Kidd wants to wrestle Orton.

Randy Orton Likely To Face GUNTHER Again

At the WWE King and Queen of the Ring PLE in Saudi Arabia, Randy Orton represented Smackdown in the finals of the King of the Ring tournament against Raw’s GUNTHER. The two men had an incredible “dream match” that certainly lived up to the hype as GUNTHER picked up the big win to become the King of the Ring.

However, there was controversy during the match because while GUNTHER did a crucifix pin, Orton’s shoulders were not down for a full three seconds. It has been announced by WWE’s CCO Paul “Triple H” Levesque that GUNTHER will have to face Orton again when Orton is ready. Triple H also said that the referee’s decision was final and Gunther is the King of the Ring even though it was a controversial finish.