Randy Orton Hospital Photo Shared By Wife Celebrating Anniversary

Randy Orton

We have a potential update on the injury of Randy Orton.

Since the May 20, 2022 edition of WWE Friday Night Smackdown, Randy Orton hasn’t been seen on WWE TV. During the show, Orton would be paired up with Matt Riddle in a tag team match against The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso). Not only would Orton and Riddle lose the match, not only would they lose the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship, but that would also be Randy Orton’s last bout that the WWE Universe would be able to see for a great while.

In June, it was reported that Orton was doing treatment for an injury to his back that started becoming a constant issue for him. According to the report, people within World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) were worried that Orton could be out for the rest of 2022 if he needed surgery. A report in September would repeat the same sentiment.

Now, we have another report that just recently dropped from PWInsider that says that Randy Orton was seen in Birmingham, Alabama. A lot of the WWE Universe affiliates Birmingham as a healing place for WWE Superstars, where many in the past have gone for surgery or rehab.

Currently, there is no confirmation on whether or not Orton’s trip to Alabama was injury-related, however, his wife added fuel to the fire of fans’ speculation after she posted on Instagram wishing her husband a happy anniversary. The photo features Randy Orton in a hospital bed, captioning “If y’all only knew why this pic was taken.”

Mickie James would comment on the photo, with Orton’s wife, Kim, responding: “Ohh there’s even more to the story.”

“7 wonderful years with the man of my dreams. You’re bat shit crazy (but so am I) I trust you, and you trust me ♥️ we could conquer the fucking world together (if we feel like it) but for now I just want you to be my daddy and me to be your momma and raise our beautiful children together as one big happy family. FAMILY♥️LOVE♥️LOYALTY♥️ we have that tattooed on our bodies because it’s the most important thing to us. ME, YOU, OUR FAMILY AND CLOSE FRIENDS, that’s all that matters.

Thank you for loving me the way you do @randyorton Happy Anniversary my love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ btw. If y’all only knew why this pic was taken 😂😎🤷🏻‍♀️😘 #insicknessandinhealth”