Malakai Black – “It’s Insane How Crazy Good Randy Orton Is”

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Randy Orton has earned some massive praise from AEW’s Malakai Black, who got to work with the RKO master in WWE.

When it comes to being great in the ring, a lot of wrestlers have good things to say about Randy Orton, who has been a fixture in WWE for over twenty years although he has been out of action for the last year.

The last time Randy Orton wrestled was in May 2022, but he has been sidelined since then with a serious back injury. A recent update noted that Orton may be close to a return to WWE although there’s no official date that has been given.

Malakai Black has worked for AEW since July 2021, but the veteran Dutch wrestler had a run in WWE from 2016 to 2021 as Aleister Black. During his WWE career, Black had his greatest success in NXT where he won the NXT Championship and held it for over days. Unfortunately, Black didn’t get a chance to shine on the main roster in WWE.

Even though Randy Orton and Malakai Black didn’t have a memorable on-screen feud in WWE, they did wrestle at some WWE live events.

While speaking on Bobby Fish’s Undisputed Podcast, Malakai Black spoke about what it was like being in the ring with Randy Orton including Randy’s reaction to Black’s “Black Mass” spinning kick.

“Me and obviously Randy get into it and obviously, Randy being the most, the greatest… I cannot express how it is to be in there with Randy Orton who is just — he is a step above being a ring general. He just knows everything and the slightest body movement and every body — it’s insane how crazy good Randy is.”

“So it’s time to come for the heel kick and you know, I hit him with it and as I hit him with it, he goes, ‘Oh brother, that’s amazing’ and he falls down. It’s one of my favorite stories.”

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