Randy Orton Asked Controversial Ex-WWE Star To Return

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Randy Orton wants a WWE reunion with a former tag team partner.

After enjoying a reasonable level of success as a singles star, Matt Riddle’s WWE career hit an all-time high during his tag team run alongside Randy Orton. The odd-couple team known as RK-Bro became one of the most popular acts on Raw, winning tag team gold twice.

However, when Orton was sidelined with a serious back injury in May 2022, Riddle was forced to go it alone. The star initially fared quite well following the split but was written off television that December. Matt Riddle later confirmed this absence and an earlier break that summer was a result of failed drug tests. The former United States Champion claimed he tested positive for cocaine.

When Riddle returned to action in April 2023, he was again consigned to the mid-card before being released three months later. His exit came after an incident at JFK Airport, where he appeared to be intoxicated, and fellow passengers noted he was “loud and rude.”

Matt Riddle also alleged that he’d been sexually harassed by an officer at the airport.

Randy Orton Wants Matt Riddle Back In WWE

During a recent interview with MuscleManMalcolm, Riddle discussed his WWE run before being asked about the last time he spoke to Orton. The star said he speaks with his former partner regularly, and he’s always asked when Riddle will go back to WWE.

“I talked to Randy probably a week and a half, two weeks ago about an arcade, we talked about some other stuff, just hanging out,” Matt Riddle said. “He always asks me if I wanna come back, and I’m like, ‘Maybe one day.’

Right now, with the kid and everything, I’m enjoying my time, and I’m trying to get my life all together. Not that you’ll ever get your life together, but yeah, you know, things have been really good. I’m focusing a lot on myself and other things.”

Since leaving WWE, Riddle has become a regular on the independent circuit while appearing for MLW and NJPW. Meanwhile, after returning from injury at Survivor Series, Randy Orton has moved to SmackDown where he’s helping Kevin Owens and Cody Rhodes battle The Bloodline.

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