Potential WWE Return For CM Punk Is Different From Years Past

CM Punk

A CM Punk WWE return is not impossible according to a new report.

Following the firing of Punk on September 2nd, wrestling fans have wondered whether or not the former World Champion will step inside the ring once again. With Punk wanting a multi-million salary to continue competing, WWE looks like the only place he can go if an AEW return is off the cards. However, despite it being well-documented that Punk did not leave WWE on the best of terms in 2014, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

As reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the decision of whether or not the company will want Punk back would be down to Paul Levesque [Triple H] and Nick Khan, and perhaps Vince McMahon if he has recovered from his back surgery. It is noted that following the creation of AEW, the circumstances are much different than they were 9 years ago. The signing of Cody Rhodes proved that WWE is willing to present wrestlers from their biggest rivals as top stars especially if it can hurt the competition.

There is also the financial gain that WWE would receive following the signing of the former World Champion. Not only would Punk likely bring strong merchandise sales to the company but the return and good booking would almost guarantee an increase in ratings for Raw and or SmackDown. With media rights deals due to be up for renewal very soon, the company may be doing all it can to push ratings during the negotiation stages to try and barter a better deal with the networks. There is also the belief that those who tuned out from Collision following the announcement of Punk’s firing will watch Punk on Monday or Friday night, drawing more people away from AEW.

CM Punk Pitched WWE Return

Looking to mend fences while still signed to AEW, Punk reportedly expressed an interest in returning to his old home while out injured in 2022. It was reported that Punk wanted to be a surprise entrant in the 2023 Royal Rumble, but neither WWE had an extreme interest in putting this plan in motion and AEW had no interest at that time in releasing Punk from his contract.