Positive News On Health Of Jay Briscoe’s Two Daughters

Jay Briscoe

In a dark week in which the world lost Jay Briscoe, there is now a ray of light concerning the health of his two daughters.

38-year-old Jay Briscoe lost his life on the 17th of January 2023 after he was involved in a car accident in Laurel, Delaware. Police reports of the accident confirmed that the driver of the other car involved was also killed while Briscoe’s two daughters were seriously injured.

Now family friend Josh Wharton – who also set up a fundraising page for the family – has gone live on Facebook to provide an update on Jay Briscoe’s two daughters:

“Jayleigh, 9, has had pain on and off today. She was fitted for her back brace and sat up on the side of the bed with assistance from staff. She was moved into a wheelchair for about an hour. Unfortunately, she still has the NG tube in place and is unable to eat or drink at this time. They are hoping that tomorrow they can take the tube out so she can eat some real food. She’s still on IV medications and spends most of her days sleeping.”

“Gracie, 12, had a rough night with lots of tingling and itching in her lower legs. Today, she started the day with occupational therapy and she has regained feeling in her lower extremities. She is also able to make movements in her lower extremities. She was able to make small movements with her legs by using her thigh muscle.”

“We are so grateful, she was up in a wheelchair multiple times, which she enjoys. All of Gracie’s IV medications have been discontinued at this time and she has been switched over to oral pain medicine. She is still groggy from all the medication and lots of sleeping.”

“At this time, rehab is recommended for both girls. Although both girls have improvements today, they both have a long road of recovery ahead of them.”

Mike Johnson of PWInsider noted that Mark Briscoe, Papa Briscoe, and Jay’s son Gannon were able to visit the girls in the hospital.

Everyone at TJRWrestling continues to send their best wishes to Jay Briscoe’s family at this extremely difficult time.