Paul Wight Discussed Doing Commentary With Michael Cole “For Years”

Paul Wight

Paul Wight thought about announcing long before making the switch to AEW.

Known as The Big Show in WWE, Wight has since transitioned to a role behind the scenes and behind the desk in All Elite Wrestling, having previously called the action on Dark: Elevation and Rampage. In a recent interview, The World’s Largest Athlete revealed that this was something that he had thought about for some time and was not a spur-of-the-moment decision.

While appearing on Busted Open Radio, Wight discussed how he would frequently discuss announcing with commentary veteran Michael Cole and how he is ready to go if a seat suddenly becomes vacant:

“Absolutely, yeah. It’s really funny how things transitioned. For years, I talked to Michael Cole about announcing. I talked to Kevin Dunne, I talked to Michael Cole. I would pick Michael Cole’s brain a lot. I always respected Michael Cole so much, just some of the little things he would tell me, the way he talked about my character when I was competing, just some of the stuff he did. So I always thought that that’s who I was going to cut my teeth under, so to speak, in announcing, Michael Cole. That opportunity didn’t present itself.

Now the opportunity to do commentary presented itself here in AEW. I’m working with Tony Schiavone, I’m working JR, I’m working with Taz, Excalibur. I’ve got so many great, experienced announcers that are giving me my own little thing. Is it a play-by-play thing? Is it more of a gorilla monsoon thing? I think what kind of works for me is, I’ve tried to roll into that. Just when I started to get my rhythm, but that’s business. I’m not mad about it. I know that I can take the time that I took on Elevation and process and the next time an opportunity presents itself, I’ll be ready to go,”

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