Paul Wight Blasts Irn-Bru As “Awful” & “Horrendous”

Paul Wight disappointed by Irn-Bru

Paul Wight wasn’t impressed with one of Scotland’s finest beverages.

Throughout his decades-long wrestling career, Paul Wight has traveled the world, giving him the opportunity to see sights and try local cuisines most can only dream of. However, it took Wight until the age of 51 to try Scotland’s national soft drink, Irn-Bru.

Appearing alongside new AEW Women’s Champion Saraya on an episode of Snack Wars, the former Big Show was tasked with trying both British and American snacks to see which country has the competitive edge when it comes to flavor.

After determining that a Percy Pig was far superior to Dr. Pepper-flavored cotton candy, the pair turned to the task of comparing A&W Root Beer to Irn-Bru. Wight revealed that he’d never tried the popular drink, and Saraya admitted she wasn’t a fan of the beverage either. When he finally had a taste, Wight wasted no time in expressing his displeasure, saying:

“Oh my God that is terrible. [It tastes like] vanilla vomit. I mean that is really terrible. That is horrendous I can’t believe it tastes that bad.”

Someone off-camera told Wight to imagine the drink while suffering from a hangover, and when Saraya said that the beverage was like medicine after a long night out, Wight wasn’t convinced. He said:

“If I was hungover I would rather have a pork chop out of an ashtray. That is just, I’m amazed that this is actually a product. It’s so bad I can’t stop [drinking it]. Maybe it’s because I can’t get a taste on it. It’s like this is rotten.”

Does Paul Wight Prefer Irn-Bru Or A&W Root Beer?

Despite both Wight and Saraya turning their noses at Irn-Bru, they had a similar reaction to A&W Root Beer, with Wight saying the surest way to ruin ice cream is to pour root beer on it. He said he enjoyed a Coke float, but isn’t a fan of root beer.

After he and Saraya agreed that A&W also smelled like medicine, they both chose Irn-Bru as the winner of the snack round after a roller coaster of drink-related emotions. Wight even admitted that the drink was growing on him after taking a few more sips, especially as compared to the root beer.

Unfortunately, the full video gives no indication of how he’d feel about Irn-Bru coupled with a pizza crunch, and it’s a shame he didn’t get to try the drink before its recipe change in 2018.

h/t Inside the Ropes