Paul Heyman In Regular Contact With Top AEW Star

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman has been offering guidance to one of AEW’s top stars.

In the eyes of many fans and critics, Paul Heyman is known as one of the sharpest minds operating in the wrestling business today.

The proud New Yorker has done just about everything in the industry, beginning his career as a photographer before becoming an on-screen personality, manager, promotor, commentator, advocate, and Special Counsel. That’s without considering his impact on WWE from behind the scenes where he’s worked as part of creative on and off for more than two decades.

So naturally, Heyman is often at the top of the list of people sought out when wrestlers are looking for advice. Interestingly, that seems to apply to non-WWE stars as well.

Speaking on Swerve City, Swerve Strickland revealed that he still speaks with Heyman on a regular basis to exchange ideas and get advice.

“Little do people know, I still talk to Paul Heyman,” Strickland said. “Just on a mentorship type state. I go to him for advice on like my promos and my segments that like… when I was doing the home invasion segments and all this stuff, I was like ‘how did this make you feel?’ I would get reception back from him.”

Paul Heyman In Like To Work With Rising WWE Star

Although the former ECW boss remains an integral part of The Bloodline, he could soon be working with a high-profile NXT star.

It’s been reported that a recent on-screen interaction between Paul Heyman and Bron Breakker was far from an accident. Although it’s unclear whether Heyman would be joining forces with the second-generation star in the future, or taking him on alongside Roman Reigns.

H/t to Wrestling Inc