Paul Heyman Praises Sami Zayn After Survivor Series

Paul Heyman

After WWE’s Survivor Series Premium Live Event, the company held a post-show press conference where Paul Heyman — who is currently the Special Counsel for the “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns — said that Sami Zayn was completely justified by knocking out Kevin Owens.

Heyman said this because of Owens putting Zayn in a very difficult position after Owens was the one who chose to be in the Men’s WarGames Match with Team Brawling Brutes.

Near the end of the WarGames bout, Kevin Owens nearly defeated Roman Reigns after hitting him with a Stunner, however, Zayn came in, interfered and stopped the referee from landing the 1-2-3 pin count. Then, Owens blocked a superkick from Jimmy Uso, which then led Zayn to give Owens a low blow, which was followed by a Helluva Kick that knocked him out and laid him on the mat. Next, Jey Uso pulled off a Frog Splash on KO, pinning him for the win.

After the PLE, Sami Zayn — accompanied by Paul Heyman — broke down the events from the night, and talked about his status with The Bloodline. Paul Heyman said that Owens put Zayn, his friend, in a terrible position for having to choose his loyalty between friendship and The Bloodline. “The Wiseman” also noted that Zayn wasn’t disloyal at all to his friend, instead, he was showing his 100% loyalty to the “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns and The Bloodline.

Paul Heyman said:

“Sami Zayn was on the opposite side of Kevin Owens tonight. Kevin Owens was on a different team, he chose to be on that team. If anybody was disloyal to anybody, Kevin Owens was disloyal to Sami Zayn. He put Sami Zayn in a terrible position of having to pick his best friend or The Bloodline – the greatest faction in the history of the industry, the top star in the industry Roman Reigns, and the acceptance of Roman Reigns which makes all of us relevant. And Sami was not disloyal to Kevin Owens, he took on his opponent. He showed his loyalty to The Bloodline.”

H/T Sportskeeda