Paul Heyman Covers His History With The Bloodline

WWE The Bloodline Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman has given insight into his long-term connection to the group he calls the greatest “faction in the history of pro wrestling”.

The Wise Man has taken to social media to showcase his history with The Bloodline and talk up their success ahead of Undisputed Title defenses.

Heyman started his legendary career as a teen taking photos at wrestling events, before creating the character Paul E. Dangerously that gained success in WCW.

But it was his creation of ECW that made Paul a household name and WWE have been able to tap into Heyman’s long-term friendships by placing him with Roman Reigns, and the creation of The Bloodline.

Heyman shared a photo of himself taken in 1989 with The Headshrinkers, highlighting the connection with Rikishi, who was part of the team for several years.

Now, Heyman is guiding the careers of Rikishi’s sons The Usos and Solo Sikoa in his role as The Wise Man.

“We are officially one week away from @WWE #WrestleMania, where the Showcase of the Immortals this year will ACKNOWLEDGE the fact the #Bloodline is the #GOAT faction in the history of pro wrestling and sports entertainment”

Here’s @samuanoai & @rikishi aka The Samoan Swat Team (and later, The Headshrinkers) in 1989, when I led this magnificent duo to victory over The Road Warriors at the Omni in Atlanta, during a time when NOBODY beat The Road Warriors in the Omni!

Being the Wiseman for YOUR #TribalChief, the #Usos and @solosikoa, both on camera and behind the scenes, is the role of a lifetime, and it’s been an honor for which I have been groomed, prepped and trained my entire life.

With this bond, we are unbeatable. With this history, we are united in the belief that we are permanent residents on the Island of Relevancy. With this love, respect and admiration for each other, we walk into WrestleMania defending the legacy of all those who paved the way for us to cherish every moment in the brightest spotlight ever earned by a faction in history. And it is with that same love, respect and admiration that we set the example for the future generations to follow and indeed surpass.

I offer to you, in all candor, something that every member of the WWE locker room has come to accept, and we will all be sure to reinforce next weekend at WrestleMania. It’s simple. It’s catchy. And it’s a fact. #WeTheOnes”

The Bloodline has enjoyed incredible success with Roman Reigns as Undisputed Champion for over 900 days, the longest rein in nearly 40 years. On top of this, The Usos have broken records with their current run as Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

When Paul Heyman joined forces with Roman Reigns in August 2020, it would have been difficult to predict how much The Bloodline would achieve during the last two and a half years.

Next weekend at WrestleMania 39, the faction faces their biggest tests to date, as The Uso’s put their Tag Titles on the line against the former honorary Uce Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

Roman Reigns will be facing the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble Winner Cody Rhodes, who has made it clear that becoming the Undisputed WWE Champion and dethroning Reigns is the single most important moment in his career.

The American Nightmare faces an unbeaten opponent this Monday on Raw before a face-to-face between the ‘Mania 39 main eventers is scheduled on the go-home Smackdown on Friday.