Paul Heyman Named As Mastermind Behind Iconic WWE Entrance

Paul Heyman

An iconic wrestling entrance has now been confirmed as the brainchild of Paul Heyman.

There are plenty of people who give credit to the genius of Paul Heyman for enhancing their careers. From his time at the helm of ECW to his creative roles elsewhere around the wrestling world, there have been plenty of people Heyman has been able to influence.

One of them is Mr Kennedy, who credits Heyman for plenty of aspects of his career – including his entrance.

In a discussion with WrestlingNews.Co, Kennedy revealed that Paul Heyman was the one who told him to head to the ring and introduce himself rather than letting the announcer do it.

Paul Heyman came in, [and he] took over creative. He was like, ‘Tonight I want you to go out there, cut the ring announcer off, run him down, and then you’re going to do your own introduction. Only you know how to do it.’

Mr Kennedy went on to leave WWE in 2009, and spent an extended period working for IMPACT Wrestling. He’s still active on the independent wrestling scene to this day.

Heyman is currently at the side of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and recently discussed how he knew the recent storyline involving The Bloodline would work.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.