Paul Heyman Dismisses Idea That The Bloodline Story Is “Dragging”

Paul Heyman

Don’t tell Paul Heyman that The Bloodline story is dragging.

At SummerSlam in Detroit, The Bloodline saga took another shocking turn as Roman Reigns defeated Jey Uso in Tribal Combat to retain the WWE Universal Championship. Jey Uso had overcome both Reigns and an attack by Solo Sikoa and looked on course to win but was stopped by the returning Jimmy Uso who cost his twin brother the title.

At the post-SummerSlam press conference, Paul Heyman was dismissive when asked if The Bloodline story was starting to drag following the latest twist:

“The Bloodline disbands? There already? That’s it? There are no more stories to tell? We already know why Jimmy did what Jimmy did, we already know what’s going on with Solo and Roman Reigns, we already know where the wiseman Paul Heyman stands, we’ll do it all on Friday. Calm down with the progression of the storylines.

“We’ve been doing this for three years and not once have I heard a credible person say, it’s dragging on. It doesn’t drag on. We continue to layer and peel back layers and reveal more about each persona, and just when you think you have the persona figured out, there is something new to learn about that person and their dynamic within the other people in the group and sometimes it involves people outside the group, like Sami Zayn.

“What will I do when the Bloodline disbands? I don’t know, I’ll probably be celebrating my 120th birthday by then.”

What next for Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns?

Following Jimmy Uso’s betrayal of his brother at SummerSlam, it remains to be seen if he will realign himself with the Tribal Chief and The Bloodline.

Solo Sikoa could be a spanner in the works for Reigns as SummerSlam ended with him still looking decidedly unhappy that he suffered a spear from Roman Reigns that was originally meant for Jey Uso. One thing is for sure, The Bloodline storyline is far from done in WWE.

h/t 411Mania