Pat McAfee Praises WWE Star For Stepping Into Impossible Job

Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee is impressed by one WWE star’s move to a new role.

Back in January, Kevin Patrick was released by WWE, leaving the lead announcer chair empty. That role was quickly filled by Corey Graves, who had previously served as the blue brand’s colour commentator. Further changes saw Graves being joined by Wade Barratt, while Michael Cole and Pat McAfee became the permanent team on Raw.

After Wrestle Features asked the internet how they thought Graves had performed in the past two months, McAfee jumped in to praise the star, calling him an “absolute weapon on the microphone.”

“He’s doing a damn near impossible job phenomenally.

An absolute weapon on a microphone.”

Corey Graves has recently explained how WWE has changed under Triple H. The star says he has been afforded a lot more freedom under the new regime than he was when Vince McMahon was in charge. Graves noted that The Game gives “guide rails” but doesn’t continually micromanage him through the headset like the “old boss” would have.

Jim Ross Calls Pat McAfee A “Supreme Talent”

Corey Graves isn’t the only star receiving praise as Jim Ross is highly impressed by Pat McAfee himself, and has admitted he is surprised at just how good he’s become in a short space of time.

The legendary announcer recently explained that the star clearly studies for his WWE role and respects that dedication. Ross believes McAfee is living his dream, and appreciates the product knowledge he has built up to help in his role.