Jim Ross Praises “Supreme” WWE Talent

Jim Ross

Jim Ross has an eye on the next generation.

After a successful career in the NFL, Pat McAfee began working with WWE in 2018. The star initially appeared on the company’s numerous pre-show panels before stepping into the ring himself and becoming part of the SmackDown announce team in April 2021.

McAfee proved an incredibly popular addition and worked alongside Michael Cole until September 2022 when he stepped away to join up with ESPN. Despite this, McAfee made several one-off appearances before returning to WWE full-time in January 2024 where he calls the action on Raw with Cole.

During a recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast, commentary legend Jim Ross was asked for his opinion on McAfee.

“I’m impressed. Pat McAfee has impressed me, no doubt about it, with his work. Surprising how good he is already. He pays attention, he studies. I even noticed on the show that airs on ESPN at noon Eastern time that he incorporates a lot of wrestling jargon, language, into his show. So he’s living the dream. And he seems to be respectful.

Again, I appreciate guys that study the game and have product knowledge. And he’s doing that. Good hire for WWE. He’s just a supreme talent.”

Jim Ross Planning For Retirement

Jim Ross recently admitted he’s closing in on retirement. The veteran broadcaster has signed a new one-year deal with AEW but revealed it could be his last. Ross said it’s “realistic” to believe he will retire from the commentary desk when his contract expires due to his ongoing health issues.

After a break due to ill health, Ross returned to the AEW commentary team to call Sting’s final match at Revolution.

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