Pat McAfee Not Told About WWE Royal Rumble Entry

Pat McAfee WWE Royal Rumble

Pat McAfee was back in WWE at the Royal Rumble and was even more involved than he thought he’d be when he was a surprise entrant in the men’s Rumble match.

For the second year in a row, Pat McAfee surprised everyone by making his way to the announce table to call the action with Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

Excited by the action all night, McAfee made his Royal Rumble debut when he entered the men’s Rumble at number 22 but he only lasted 38 seconds and the only thing he got physical with was the ring ropes.

Speaking in a WWE digital exclusive, Pat McAfee talked about returning to WWE to call the Royal Rumble alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves:

Yeah, coming back to get a chance to be in front of the WWE Universe is an absolute honor. I was told, ‘Hey, Pat, you wanna come back and commentate?’ I said, hell yes.

The Royal Rumble, what an event. Stories can be written, where dreams can come true. ‘You want to commentate?’ I said, ‘Hell yeah,’ work with Michael Cole, the greatest of all time, alongside Corey Graves with a fresh baby, fresh mindset, fresh haircut. I said, ‘I would love to do that.’

Pat McAfee Not Told Of WWE Royal Rumble Entry

To the surprise of everyone, Pat McAfee’s music hit during the men’s Rumble match indicating that he was part of the match. McAfee entered when Bron Breakker was staring down Omos and with the two big stars ready to get physical, McAfee took the high road and eliminated himself:

All of a sudden, what, 22, I’m in the Royal Rumble? Nobody gave me a heads-up about that. I got my cowboy boots on. Michael Cole let me go in there. That was rude of him. I thought we were friends. Then there was a thing in there. Seven foot three, okay? You’re just looking up at a statue of a being.

I see little Bron Breakker go like barking at me. I’m like, I’m not supposed to be in here. Why would I be in here right now? I’m not prepared for this. Also, who would I be to take a main event at WrestleMania spot away from somebody? So I got my ass out of there. Now I went back in because I thought to myself, wait a minute, am I just gonna be a coward?

I realized quickly, ‘Yeah, I think tonight I am.’ I went right back to the booth. And it was great. It was a great show.

The match was ultimately won by Cody Rhodes, who became the first WWE star since Stone Cold Steve Austin to win back-to-back Rumble matches. After the bout, Cody Rhodes made clear who he’s going after at WrestleMania 40.

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