Orange Cassidy Hates Specific Term To Describe His Wrestling Matches

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Orange Cassidy doesn’t like a certain term that wrestling fans might use to comment on his matches.

When AEW launched in 2019, Orange Cassidy wasn’t known as a wrestler right away. He was known as a guy who put his hands in his pockets, did light kicks to the shins, and for saying things like “whatever” rather than anything insightful.

As time went on, Orange started wrestling more and has been one of the biggest stars in the company while performing in several main event matches. Cassidy is the wrestler most associated with the International Champion since he’s the current champion who has held the International Title for over 450 days between his two reigns.

During an interview with The Mark Hoke Show Pro Wrestling Podcast, Cassidy spoke about his evolution as a pro wrestler.

“Yeah, I also think it was by design. Like, I did what I had to do to get the job done and when people start to understand your strategy or what you do in the ring, you have to change it up.”

“I also think it’s, I’ve been challenged a lot from Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Adam Cole. And then the Intercontinental Championship run that I am on now. That first match with Jon Moxley changed something within me. He brought it out of me. It’s the things that I need to do to continue to be successful.”

Orange Cassidy Hates Being Called A “Comedy Wrestler”

While Orange is known for putting his hands in his pockets and those light kicks to the shins, which tend to generate laughs, the International Champion dislikes being called a comedy wrestler.

“I don’t know if I were in another place or in another company that I would be able to go through that transformation. I think people have this idea about someone like me as a comedy wrestler that.”

“And I hate the words ‘Comedy Wrestler’. But they say that and then that’s the one-note joke I do for however long I could do that one note.”

“Until you get sick of me and I leave. And I’m very grateful that I have a company like AEW and Tony Khan that saw that we can show a wide variety of who Orange Cassidy is. And I feel it’s important. I treat professional wrestling very seriously. And I consider it an art form.”

“And I do think that, when you look at something or see something that’s art, you should feel all emotions. You know, sadness, happiness, and I try to do whatever I can to make those emotions come through. And if AEW were to not exist, I don’t think I’d be able to do that.”

The next major International Title defense for Orange Cassidy will be at the AEW Revolution PPV on March 3rd when he faces Roderick Strong of the Undisputed Kingdom group.

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