Orange Cassidy Not Bothered By Critics

Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy gets plenty of criticism on a regular basis but he doesn’t think anything of it.

Cassidy has been a staple of AEW programming for years. As Tony Khan’s favorite wrestler, Cassidy has been in prominent feuds since the beginning and has enjoyed consistently strong presentation as a wrestler with very few losses to his name and as the AEW International Champion.

But Cassidy has just as many detractors as he has fans, many of whom criticize him for what he does in the ring. One of his most prominent critics is longtime wrestling veteran Jim Cornette, who calls Cassidy “Pockets” on his podcasts and usually responds to a segment involving Cassidy with some form of condemnation or castigation or another.

However, Orange Cassidy simply doesn’t care about his critics and made a point of saying so in an interview with Inside The Ropes.

“No. I am what I am, this is what I do, this is what I have been doing. If you don’t like it then you don’t like it, I don’t care. I’m not going to stop because this person doesn’t like it. Who cares? I’m not wrestling for you. I’m going to do what I do, so the answer to that question is no.”

What has Orange Cassidy accomplished in his career?

The 39-year-old Orange Cassidy has been wrestling since 2004 and first cut his teeth in comedy lucha promotion CHIKARA, where he portrayed the character Fire Ant.

During his time in CHIKARA, Orange Cassidy would also wrestle the likes of Chuck Taylor and The Young Bucks and also became close with Drew Gulak when he served as CHIKARA’s trainer for a short period.

Cassidy’s sole championship in AEW so far has been the AEW International Championship, formerly known as the AEW All-Atlantic Championship. He won the title on the October 12, 2022 edition of AEW Dynamite and has successfully defended it a record 29 times ever since.