The One Thing Jim Ross Would Change In AEW

Jim Ross

Jim Ross has been with AEW since the promotion launched and he has some thoughts on what he would change about the company.

When AEW launched in January 2019, two of the biggest household names that they hired were Chris Jericho and Jim Ross. Jericho would go on to become AEW’s first World Champion later that year while Ross was part of the commentary team along with Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.

It has been five years since AEW launched and the 72-year-old Ross has a lighter schedule due in part to health issues over the last few years. Recently, Jim Ross revealed more of a reduced schedule in AEW that will see him work pay-per-view events rather than the television shows.

During an appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio, the WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross spoke about what he would change about All Elite Wrestling.

“Overall in the business, whether that’s AEW or somewhere else, better stories can be told more deliberately. So you make sure you connect the dots, you make sure there’s continuity there. I think that’s one thing I would say.”

Jim Ross Recalls Emotional Night Involving Steve Austin

Elsewhere in the interview, Jim Ross also spoke about when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin had his final WWE match as a full-timer at WrestleMania 19 in 2003. At the time of the match, only a few people knew that it was going to be Austin’s last match as a full-time performer.

“I knew it was Austin’s last match but only a few people knew that, Vince [McMahon], Rock, and me. We spent the night before in hospital in Seattle because Austin was dehydrated, his blood pressure was up and it was a real touch-and-go situation. There were times during the night – the night before WrestleMania 19 – that we weren’t sure Steve was gonna be able to wrestle. Thank God he was.

I can tell you that him leaving the ring and me not crying was a miracle. I had to fight that back because Steve and I had grown to be very close, he was the mack daddy there in WWE – sell more tickets, sell more merchandise, PPVs what have you. Those moments are tough, it’s tough to manage your emotions and I’m an emotional guy and I think that works out to my betterment frankly.”

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