The One Move That Destroyed The Undertaker’s Hip

The Undertaker injured

The Undertaker has dished out pain and suffering to many WWE stars over the years but now it seems some of his own moves were doing him damage as well.

The Undertaker called time on his in-ring career in 2020 bringing an end to one of the most iconic careers in wrestling history. The Phenom was honoured with a WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2022 and since then he has remained part of the WWE Universe with his one-man shows.

The Undertaker revealed he has been struggling with retirement as he faces up to never competing again with his mind willing but his body most definitely not.

What Move Took Out The Undertaker’s Hip?

Speaking on a recent Patreon Q&A, The Undertaker revealed the one move that caused him significant pain at the end of his career and the one he credits for needing a new hip:

The one that really at the end, and nothing really bothered me as far as my move set until the end of my career. But that Guillotine Leg Drop on the apron, by the end of my career it was sending shivers right up my spine like I was getting like electrical, like somebody was hitting me with a cattle prod every time that I would drop that leg on the apron because there’s no give at all to the apron.

That’s where everything is tied in and it’s pretty solid there. I would get pretty good height on that thing. I think that’s probably what took out my right hip is dropping that Guillotine Leg Drop. It was probably the hardest thing.

And the Tombstone just at the very end kind of started to bother me because my knees were getting kind of chewed up. But for the most part of my career, it was nothing really. It just kind of snuck up on me one day.

The Undertaker was then asked if he considered a move causing him problems in his younger days and admitted that nothing bothers you when you’re young:

When you’re young and you’re healthy and you got that S on your chest. You’re like, you’ll live forever. Nothing’s ever gonna bother you. Then one day you wake up and you can barely walk.

It’s like, ‘Wow, maybe, I should have used that a little more judiciously. Maybe I should’ve used Hells Gate a little more. But yeah, that Guillotine Leg Drop, that was pretty stiff.

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