NXT Talent Gets New Name

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Tony D’Angelo has found a new member for The Family.

On the November 7th edition of NXT, Anna Keefer made her WWE TV debut, appearing in a backstage segment where she handed Jacy Jayne a letter and told her to make sure it made its way to Andre Chase. The star was unable to resist opening the envelope, only for Chase to snatch it from her, berating her for opening other people’s mail. The letter is part of the ongoing investigation of Chase U.

The following week, Tony D’Angelo and Channing ‘Stacks’ Lorenzo of The Family defeated Chase and Duke Hudson to regain the Tag Team Championship they lost at Halloween Havoc in October. Backstage after the win, Keefer appeared with D’Angelo and Lorenzo as they celebrated bringing the gold back to The Family.

Following the show, the star revealed that she was the newest member of the faction, and would now be known as Adriana Rizzo.

“Just what the Family needed. You can call me Adriana Rizzo!”

When Did WWE Sign Adriana Rizzo?

Adriana Rizzo is one of 15 athletes signed to WWE in November 2022. Before beginning training at the Performance Centre, she was already a top athlete as a five-time NCAA All-American track and field star.

Soon after the news she had joined WWE was announced, Rizzo admitted the move had not been in her plans. The star says the company unexpectedly sent her a DM in spring 2022 inviting her to a tryout. While she initially thought it would be a “cool thing” to say she had done it, a whole new career was opened up to her when she was accepted.