NXT Star Grateful Shawn Michaels Gave Him A Second Chance

Shawn Michaels NXT hat

One of the stars of NXT has discussed how grateful he is that Shawn Michaels has given him a second chance that is allowing him to “change the trajectory” of his career.

Over the past few months, several WWE superstars have moved between the main roster and NXT. On the October 18th edition, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens, and The Good Brothers all made appearances on the developmental brand.

However, some stars have headed back to NXT on a longer-term basis, this has included former Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews.

In a recent interview with Bill Apter of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Crews discussed his return to the brand and his experience of working closely with Senior VP of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels.

“How do you even put that into words, you know? Sometimes you see him present an idea, and I’m like, ‘Man, I wasn’t even thinking of something on that level.’ It just shows the experience where it’s like where it’s sort of easy for him to come up with certain things.

“I might be struggling with thinking of something, and it just pops out of him, which shows his experience. He’s one of the guys in whom you should place your beliefs in I definitely place my belief in him.

“I think he has belief in me, too; otherwise, I don’t think I would be back in NXT and wrestling at Halloween Havoc.”

Crews went on to explain how grateful he is for Shawn Michaels giving him a “second chance” in his career.

“It’s important for me to not to let him down because I think he has given me a second chance to change the trajectory of my career. So, it’s an honor to work under Shawn Michaels, I feel like whoever gets to work under him, should take advantage of every opportunity.

“Here’s a guy who’s putting himself out there to make himself available for us. Ask him questions, you got Shawn Michaels right there.”

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the above transcription.