NXT Star Linked With Main Roster Switch Thanks To Removal Of Vince McMahon

vince mcmahon mustache triple h

Vince McMahon’s removal from WWE creative could be a blessing for one NXT star.

In October it was revealed that Vince McMahon had been removed from WWE creative, leaving Triple H in sole control. Although McMahon hadn’t been as hands-on since returning to WWE as he had been previously, he often made changes to programming and this input wasn’t always welcome.

One beneficiary of McMahon’s enforced step back could be Tyler Bate. The British star has enjoyed a lofty reputation for several years although given McMahon’s preference for bigger Superstars on the main roster his progress away from NXT appeared blocked.

However, writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted there’s been increased talk around Bate, although there is no concrete news on a call-up.

“There has at least been talk of Bate going to the main roster. His size isn’t particularly right for that but the size thing isn’t as big a deal now with Vince McMahon out of the picture and Paul Levesque being more open minded as to who can be a top star.”

Is Vince McMahon Going To Leave WWE?

Vince McMahon’s removal from creative was followed by the news that he was selling 8.4 million of his shares in the TKO Group. The deal netted the Executive Chairman $641,844,000, although McMahon still holds around 20 million shares, which equates to 12% of the company, which is down from 16%.

This sparked speculation that Vince McMahon could be looking to leave WWE altogether, although those rumours appear to be premature. A recent report confirmed that McMahon has no plans to leave WWE or the TKO Group and the sale of the shares was purely a financial decision.