NXT Star Comments After Taking Out Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley

Lyra Valkyria wants revenge on Rhea Ripley.

Valkyria blindsided Ripley following the main event of the August 8th episode of NXT, where Dominik Mysterio retained the North American Championship against Dragon Lee thanks to help from Mami.

After the bell rang, Ripley got in the ring to join Dominik in gloating about the victory and confronting Rey. Running in from the crowd, Valkyria knocked Ripley out of the ring, leaving herself, Lee and the Hall of Famer to stand tall.

Taking to social media after NXT went off the air, Valkyria responded to the post stating that she took out the Women’s Champion with the statement “Yes I Did.”

While Ripley may have been stunned by the initial attack, The Eradicator is still looking to dominate the entire roster, including calling out a surprising name she wants to retire.

The attack was done in retaliation from the July 25th episode, where Rhea Ripley defeated Lyra Valkryia following the NXT star issuing a challenge on the previous night’s Raw.

Why Is Rhea Ripley In WWE NXT?

Ripley and the rest of The Judgment Day have a point to prove, that they run the entirety of WWE and not just Monday Night Raw. The Women’s Champion has been ringside for all of Dominik Mysterio’s matches, proving to be a crucial factor in the ex-con’s title defences.

Rey Mysterio would also be at ringside to attempt to neutralise the interference but would prove to be ineffective against Ripley’s master plan. Mami slid the North American title into the ring for Dom Dom to utilise, but Rey would rip the title out of his son’s hands. As both Mysterios and the referee argued, Ripley would get on the apron and strike Dragon Lee with her Women’s Championship. Dirty Dom would follow up with a Michinoku Driver to retain the title.