No Heat On Referee Following WWE Money In The Bank Botch

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There’s no heat on a WWE referee.

At Money In The Bank, Damian Priest put his World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Seth Rollins. When all was said and done, it was Priest who walked out of Toronto with the gold, but the road to that conclusion was paved with chaos.

Partway through the clash, Drew McIntyre decided to cash in his newly won Money In The Bank contract. The Scottish star appeared to be on course to claim a memorable win when CM Punk appeared from nowhere to attack his rival. Punk smashed McIntyre with a steel chair and then the title belt, leaving the way clear for Priest to steal a win.

McIntyre’s cash-in came just as Rollins had Priest pinned, but in a moment of confusion, the referee stopped counting despite Priest not kicking out. As the crowd wondered what was going on, McIntyre’s music finally hit. There was initial concern the champion was injured, but it seems the mistiming of the pin and McIntyre’s entrance was a simple mistake.

Speaking after the event, Triple H came to the defence of Damian Priest, talking up his performance.

No Heat On WWE Referee

It’s now been reported by Wrestle Votes that there’s no heat on referee Rod Zapada for his role in the incident. However, this wouldn’t have been the case during the Vince McMahon era.

I’m told there is no real heat on referee Rod Zapada following the mishap on Saturday night during the World Championship match. A source said, ‘In years past, absolutely.’

Next up for Damian Priest is a date with Gunther at SummerSlam.