Triple H Addresses WWE Money In The Bank Botch

WWE boss Triple H

Triple H has come out in support of one of his biggest stars.

At Money in the Bank, Damian Priest successfully defended the World Heavyweight Title against Seth Rollins but that was only part of the story. During the bout, Drew McIntyre cashed in his newly won Money in the Bank contract making it a Triple Threat Match.

However, CM Punk wasn’t about to let his rival leave with the gold, and promptly attacked McIntyre, enabling Priest to get the win. Punk’s involvement also upset Rollins, who is now unable to challenge for the World Championship until Priest is no longer champion.

McIntyre’s cash-in came just as Rollins had Priest pinned, but in a moment of confusion, the referee stopped counting despite Priest not kicking out. As the crowd wondered what was going on, McIntyre’s music finally hit. There was initial concern the champion was injured, but it seems the mistiming of the pin and McIntyre’s entrance was a simple mistake.

Triple H Defends Damian Priest

Speaking at the Money in the Bank post-show, Triple H came to the defence of Damian Priest, praising him for his work since becoming World Champion. The Game described the mistake during the match as a “shame,” commenting that the performance had been off the charts until then.

“Human beings in a ring, mistakes happen, things happen, it is what it is. It’s funny for me now looking at that – if that was something I was involved in as a talent, I don’t care how good the rest of it was, that would be all I would think about.

And to me, it’s a shame that that’s all people will talk about and that’s all people will hit Damian Priest with while he had a phenomenal performance tonight. But a bunch of people will attack that, criticize that, comment on that.

I don’t know why, that’s just the negative so outweighs the positive sometimes. And to me, I wish I could just go in the back, shut off his phone, have no-one talk to him for a while, and just have him think about all the other great stuff that happened in that, and the roll that he’s been on, and how great of a job he has done as World Champion.

And what he’s done to get there and deserve it, because he deserves all the credit in the world for all those things, and he has stepped up to a place where when you see him as a performer now, I feel like I’m watching a champion come out. I feel like I’m watching a top tier guy.

That’s on him, that’s how he has handled himself and made himself own that position. He’s done an incredible job of it. I’m incredibly proud of him as a performer. Late in his career, right? To get to this level, something that no-one thought he would ever be able to do, he’s got himself in incredible shape, done an unbelievable job.

I hate for it to be like, ‘Oh yeah, you’re that guy that didn’t kick out the one time’. That’s the shame part to me, because his performance tonight was off the charts, as was Seth’s, as was Drew’s, as was Punk’s, as was everybody else in this show tonight. It’s just the way the world works.”

Damian Priest will now go on to defend the World Heavyweight Title against Gunther at SummerSlam.

H/t to Wrestle Talk