NJPW Star Could Struggle In WWE Says Dave Meltzer

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Dave Meltzer has given his thoughts on Giulia potentially heading to WWE.

On November 6th it was reported that WWE holds a strong interest in Giulia, and she’s even expected at the Performance Center in the coming weeks. Giulia is the current NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion and is widely regarded as one of the most impressive female stars in the world.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave an update on Giulia’s contract and broke down what makes her so impressive.

“She’s under contract until March. So up until March nothing’s happening. I know Mike Johnson was correct in reporting that there’s interest. Now there’s been interest in her since 2019. So it is more a story now because there is more interest in her now. But she’s not going anywhere until March.

And I mean, the thing with Giulia is that she was born in England. But she does not know English, which will be a handicap in the United States in both [promotions]. She could learn it of course. And she knows a couple of languages, but English not being one of them. I mean I think she knows some words and things like that, but she’s not fluent in English. But she’s got the look.

The thing with her I mean, very unique look. And whenever I watch Stardom, Mariah May’s got the look, too. But Giulia is the one she has that aura of a Superstar, that may be more or as much as any woman in the business, like a Rhea Ripley or a Becky Lynch, just you see them and they, they have that special aura. And she’s got that. Her ring style is very much about very crazy, dangerous bumps, and very hard-hitting.”

Dave Meltzer Sees Comparison Between Giulia And Kenta

Continuing on, Meltzer cautioned that should she move to WWE, Giulia could face a similar struggle to KENTA.

The star moved to WWE in 2014 amid much fanfare and was given the name Hideo Itami. However, he made a very limited impact while with NXT — at least in part due to injury, and left the company in 2019.

“Again, like one of the guys who, you know, got all that fanfare, we went to WWE and ultimately was not a success was KENTA. And one of the reasons was that KENTA knew when he went there, that he could not hit as hard because they don’t do that there. When he started he was all,’ I don’t want to hurt anybody, I’ve got to learn to adapt to their style. And in doing so, his strengths were gone. And so he didn’t really do that.

Well, Giulia is the same thing. I mean, she does really hard-hitting in a way that they don’t do there she’s going to have to adapt her style. She may not be as impressive in the ring, because that’s a big part of her game. It’s not to say she’s not going to make it. She does have the look. She will have to learn English or they won’t push her past a certain level. I mean, that’s just the way it is. But it’s there’s no guarantee that she’s going anywhere.”

It was believed that Giulia could be heading for a showdown with Mercedes Mone, but it’s since been reported that there are currently no plans for Mone to return to New Japan or Stardom.

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