NJPW Crowds Will Be Allowed To Cheer Again In 2023 After Two-Year Ban

NJPW Logo Over JONAH, New Japan

NJPW’s audience will be able to cheer like normal fans once again…to a degree.

New Japan Pro Wrestling, like other Japanese wrestling companies, reacted to the COVID pandemic in different ways. One of NJPW’s solutions was to outlaw any vocalizations during their shows.

Because of that, fans would only applaud. So when something exciting was happening in the ring, they’d clap more loudly or with more fervor. It gave the fans some way of showing support, but it just couldn’t compare to the atmosphere of a great match taking place in front of a wild and loud audience.

But now, New Japan is starting to lift that ban, albeit in small steps, beginning in early 2023.

On February 11th, New Japan will host its first big post-Wrestle Kingdom show called The New Beginning. The show will have specially-designated ‘voice support areas’ that will allow fans to cheer and boo like they could before.

However, this isn’t a complete reversal of its current policy. People will still have to wear masks and these cheering areas will be limited per venue. Additionally, some venues may not even allow these special zones, and if not then New Japan will have to respect those decisions.

Additional details on this new NJPW direction can be found here.