Nikki Bella Ignored By WWE On Raw

Nikki Bella

Despite being at the forefront of the women’s division in WWE for several years before her induction into the Hall of Fame, Nikki Bella has seemingly been erased by the company.

Nikki Bella – now known as Nikki Garcia – alongside her twin sister Brie Bella were among the female stars of WWE at the forefront of the women’s revolution during the 2010s. Bella is a two-time Divas Champion and she headlined the all-female Evolution pay-per-view when she challenged Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship.

Since leaving WWE, the sisters have been more candid about their time in the company with Nikki Bella describing feeling bad for a controversial promo she had to cut in the past.

Nikki Bella Left Out On WWE Raw

With their long history in the company, fans watching Monday Night Raw might have been surprised when Bella was seemingly completely overlooked by Michael Cole during a promo for Barmageddon. The show airs on the USA Network immediately after Raw and is hosted by Nikki Garcia who is prominently featured in advertising on the network for it.

Despite that, Cole did not mention the WWE Hall of Famer instead focusing on Blake Shelton who he called the host. Whether or not this was an intentional slight against Garcia is unknown.