Nikki Bella Recalls Doing Uncomfortable Promo: “It Was So Wrong”

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Nikki Bella has expressed how difficult it was to deliver a particular promo that made her feel uncomfortable and why she hated doing it.

Whether The Bella Twins were the good girls or the mean girls, the WWE Hall of Fame team of Nikki Bella and her twin sister Brie Bella were attention-grabbing superstars. To some, they were role models while others simply felt like they weren’t deserving of all the screen time they would receive especially during their run in the 2010s.

On the May 30, 2011, edition of Raw, Karma (aka Awesome Kong) announced she was pregnant, so she was leaving WWE at that point. The announcement was interrupted by The Bella Twins showing up doing their mean girl routine.

Brie: “Did we hear you right? You’re pregnant?”

Nikki: “And I just thought you were really, really fat…oh wait, you are.”

The insults continued from there with Nikki telling Kong that she was not diva material. Nikki told Kong she was as “big as a blimp.”

During a recent episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Nikki Bella recalled that she hated doing it, but she was just doing what she was told.

“I remember when I had to cut a promo on [Awesome] Kong, before Brie and I had left for eleven months. And I just remember feeling like s**t. I went with what they said on paper; it was so wrong.”

“And I talked to Kia [Stevens / Kong] before, Kia and I even talked after. It just didn’t feel good, and I didn’t like it. I was like, I don’t want cheap pops from the crowd anymore. Especially if it’s not approved by the women.”

Nikki Bella would go on to say she would be disappointed by some of the promos they would have to do in WWE.

“I could have said a lot more stuff on the mic to get these greater reactions; it was never worth it to me because we’re still telling stories, and that’s kind of how I left it the rest of my career. But then some of the stuff would be said to me on a hot mic, with not even realizing.”

“I just remember being disappointed, like, okay, we just took five steps back. [We should have been] just tearing these barriers down, breaking them; which, we still shattered them. It just took even more work.”

In the same interview, Nikki Bella also claimed that during her WWE career, she would get yelled at for being successful.

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