Nick Khan Confirms WWE Open To Making Major SmackDown Change

Vince McMahon SmackDown WWE

The times are-a changing in WWE with the Endeavor takeover growing ever closer to completion and now Nick Khan has confirmed that the company is open to making a big change to Friday Night SmackDown.

Amid the ongoing takeover by Endeavor that will see WWE become part of the TKO Group alongside UFC, the sports entertainment giant is currently holding talks with various media enterprises over its next set of media rights deals.

The exclusivity period for WWE and its current US broadcast partners NBCUniversal and Fox has ended leaving the company to feel out other potential bidders for Raw and SmackDown and it seems the company would be willing to make some big changes to accommodate that.

Speaking at the JP Morgan Global Technology, Media & Communications Conference Khan noted that WWE is open to the idea of adding a third hour to SmackDown just as the company did to Monday Night Raw back in 2012.

Interestingly, Khan also discussed the idea that Raw’s current third hour could be in for some adult-themed changes in the future.

The third hour of Raw has been controversial since its inception with many fans feeling that a three-hour wrestling show every Monday night is simply too long. The company did try and do something different with the third hour of Raw back in the summer of 2020 when Shane McMahon hosted Raw Underground – a fight club-style show that lasted only a matter of weeks.