Nick Khan Sees Vince McMahon Allegations As “Hurdle In The Way”

Vince McMahon WWE

WWE CEO Nick Khan has addressed the ongoing allegations dogging Vince McMahon and says that there will always be a “hurdle” to get around.

Vince McMahon announced his retirement in July 2022 amid an investigation by WWE’s own Board of Directors into allegations of sexual misconduct and ‘hush money’ payments made to female former employees of the company. That retirement was short-lived as McMahon returned to the Board as Executive Chairman in January 2023.

Vince McMahon may have returned but he is still being pursued for damages over two allegations, one of which comes from former WWE referee Rita Chatterton who has long accused McMahon of raping her in the eighties.

Speaking on The Bill Simmons Podcast, Nick Khan first addressed if he expects more allegations to be made against McMahon:

“I’m not. It feels like whatever happened, happened, and it’s out there and people know. I’ve always found him to be a very honest broker with this stuff. Even when the process started last summer, there was nothing that he hid, nothing that he covered up. He was very honest about it, I appreciated that, and I think a lot of other folks did too.”

When the specific allegation of Chatterton’s was put to Nick Khan as a possible issue that could hold up a sale, Khan says there are always hurdles to get past:

“Everyone is just plowing ahead. You just move forward. In all these businesses, there is never a clean and clear path. There is always some encumbrance, something in the way, some hurdle in the way that you have to get around or get through. I see that like I would any other item like it.”

Nick Khan also discussed the medical emergency that befell Triple H in 2021, saying it was as big a trauma as he’s seen that hasn’t resulted in death.

h/t Fightful