Vince McMahon Facing New Demands Linked To Alleged Sexual Abuse

Vince McMahon WWE

Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is facing new calls for compensation relating to historic cases of alleged sexual assault.

McMahon retired from his role as WWE Chairman in CEO on July 22nd, 2022 after forty years at the helm of the company he bought from his father. His retirement came amid an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations and hush money payments given to female ex-employees of the company.

A recent earnings call by WWE senior management indicated that the investigation into McMahon was now closed and detailed the scope of the financial cost to the company.

Now the Wall Street Journal has reported that Vince McMahon is now facing legal demands from two women who accuse him of sexual assault. Long-time wrestling fans will be familiar with ex-WWE referee Rita Chatterton who accused McMahon of raping her in a limousine back in the eighties. A demand letter dated November 3rd seen by the Journal was sent to representatives of McMahon indicating that Chatterton was asking for $11.75 million in damages.

A separate demand was also sent in November by a lawyer acting for a former spa manager who claims that she was assaulted by Vince McMahon at a resort in California.

Neither Vince McMahon nor WWE has publicly responded to these new allegations but the report adds that those familiar with McMahon’s comments say he has refused to pay damages to Rita Chatterton or the other unnamed accuser.