Triple H Introduces Nick Aldis As WWE SmackDown GM, New Raw GM Announced

nick aldis wwe smackdown gm

Triple H made some big announcements on Smackdown including Nick Aldis making his WWE TV debut as the General Manager of the blue brand.

It was the “Season Premiere” of WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown on Fox in Tulsa, which included several big names on the show like Roman Reigns and John Cena. In addition to them, WWE’s Chief Content Officer Paul “Triple H” Levesque made an appearance with some big announcements.

Triple H said he was there to call attention to one of the unsung heroes of WWE – Adam Pearce, who was in the ring with him. Triple H said that over the last three years, Pearce has done an incredible job of doing a thankless job. Hunter said that Pearce has done an incredible job of overseeing both shows. Hunter spoke about how it’s a job that is incredibly difficult.

Hunter said that Adam won’t have to do it alone and as of this moment, Pearce is getting a promotion. Hunter told Pearce he is now the new General Manager of Monday Night Raw. They shook hands. Just as Triple H was about to announce Smackdown news, Dominik Mysterio interrupted. Dominik complained as usual while the fans booed him.

When Dominik finally stopped complaining, Triple H said that Pearce was the GM of Raw, so Hunter decided to introduce the GM of Smackdown…Mr. Nick Aldis.

Nick Aldis made his WWE TV debut by wearing a blue suit. Aldis thanked WWE for the opportunity of a lifetime to be the GM of the number one sports entertainment brand in the world today, Smackdown. Aldis told Pearce he’s looking forward to healthy competition.

Aldis would go on to introduce Kevin Owens as Smackdown’s newest superstar as a result of the trade that sent Jey Uso to Raw over a month ago.

Nick Aldis is a former World Champion that is working as a WWE Producer

For the past two months, Nick Aldis has been working for WWE as a Producer on Raw & Smackdown. A Producer’s role is to help the talent put matches together. Aldis has been learning the Producer’s role

As a wrestler, Nick Aldis had a lot of success as a former World Champion in the NWA and Impact Wrestling. Aldis is 36 years old (37 in November) and definitely not retired from the ring, but for now, he’s taking on a different role in WWE.

Whether this leads to Aldis wrestling in WWE is unknown right now, but as the Smackdown GM, he should be featured regularly on television on WWE’s most watched television show.