The Reason For Nick Aldis’ Underwhelming WWE Debut Revealed

Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis is now familiar to WWE audiences as SmackDown’s General Manager but he has now lifted the lid on his quiet entry to the company.

On the 13th of October 2023 edition of SmackDown, Triple H made big changes to the on-screen management structure in the company. Adam Pearce had long been seen as a WWE official with authority but on that night he was given the role of Raw General Manager.

SmackDown was given a new boss of its own as Nick Aldis was introduced to the company for the first time. However, rather than a big entrance for the newcomer, Aldis was ushered into the ring in a lacklustre way.

Speaking to Inside The Ropes Magazine, Nick Aldis reflected on his low-key WWE debut and explained why it might have been necessary given what town it happened in:

I’ve always said I believe that one of the key qualities you have to have to succeed in this industry, not necessarily as a talent, but just to succeed in the industry period is self-awareness. In other words, you have to know what you do well, you have to know what you don’t do well, and you have to know where you stand as far as your status and everything. So I understood what it would mean to come out with music and entrance and everything like that, particularly in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

And that’s not a knock on Tulsa, Oklahoma, but there are certain markets where I would have gotten a stronger reaction like New York or Philly, the places that have a stronger concentration of fans that are following a lot more wrestling than just WWE.

Nick Aldis Entrance Decision Made By Triple H

Nick Aldis then revealed that the decision to have him enter the ring without any music or a proper entrance was made by Triple H as it would not have made sense:

Hunter and I discussed it at length, and Paul was very honest about it. He goes, “Look, I know there is no ideal way to do this, we just feel like this is the best way, music and entrance doesn’t make any sense.” Because most of the WWE audience were not familiar with me. They are now, but at the time, it’s very out of the blue, and I’m using my real name.

I think Hunter looked at it as, like, let’s rip the band-aid off. There’s no easy way to do this that’s not going to be a little bit awkward. So let’s get it out of the way. And then he just said, “I’m going to give you the mic right away, and you’ll get over. Once you talk you’ll be okay.” And that’s how I felt about it. I was like, the sooner I can get in the ring and forget that part the better, just give me the mic.

Before he joined WWE, Nick Aldis was best known for his time in TNA and the NWA, promotions where he held world championships. Whether or not the English star will lace up his boots again in WWE remains to be seen.