Nick Aldis Explains His Mindset Working For WWE

nick aldis wwe smackdown gm

Nick Aldis has shared how he is feeling now that he is a part of WWE working behind the scenes and as the SmackDown General Manager.

On the October 13th edition of WWE SmackDown, WWE’s Chief Content Officer announced that Adam Pearce was getting a promotion from WWE Official to Raw General Manager and he also hired Nick Aldis as the Smackdown General Manager. In the two months prior to that, Aldis was working for WWE as a Producer.

In his role as the Smackdown General Manager, Aldis has signed a contract with WWE after nearly 20 years in pro wrestling. Prior to WWE, Aldis was a successful wrestler who was a former IMPACT/TNA World Champion and NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Nick Aldis spoke about how he fits in WWE and his mindset in the role of Smackdown GM.

“I’d already made the decision that whatever opportunity, if any, ever came from the WWE, I would take it. You’ve only got one chance in the game, and that’s to play, no matter how that comes along.”

“I had a brief conversation with Paul Heyman the other night, and I said, ‘Hey, opportunity comes in all shapes and sizes.’ He said, ‘Yes, it does.’ I was excited. I really was. I know that people will hear that and be like, ‘Oh, bulls**t.’ But I’ve enjoyed tremendously the other hats that I’ve worn in this business, particularly in the last few years. I don’t think it’s any secret at this point that my fingerprints were all over my previous employer, as far as the product and everything like that, beyond my contributions as a talent.”

“So I do find it very rewarding, and it is something, certain guys are well-suited to it, and certain guys are not.”

Nick Aldis is ready for any opportunity that WWE offers him

Aldis turns 37 years old on November 6th, which means he’s arguably in the prime of his wrestling career, yet we haven’t seen him wrestle in WWE yet. Perhaps that day will come in the future.

As he continued talking about WWE culture, Nick Aldis explained that he’ll be ready for whatever opportunity comes his way in WWE.

“I am every bit as fulfilled and excited about contributing to WWE. God’s honest truth, my first conversations with Paul, with Triple H and with Bruce, I echoed the same message over and over again. It took a few months before I was given some sort of opportunity, but I just kept echoing the same message, which was I’m ready, willing and able to contribute to WWE in any way I can.

“I stand by that, and I appreciate everybody who wants to see me in different capacities. As far as I’m concerned, I’m just over the moon to be part of the process in any way. If other stuff comes along, those opportunities, you can bet that I’ll be ready, willing, and able.

Even though he’s the Smackdown General Manager, Nick Aldis appeared on Raw this past Monday in backstage segments. He was also there working as a Producer as well. This week’s Smackdown on Friday will tape two episodes due to the upcoming Crown Jewel PLE in Saudi Arabia on November 4th.

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