Next WWE Signing Spotted At SmackDown

Triple H holding a WWE ticket

WWE’s next name signing from the world of pro wrestling has been spotted backstage at SmackDown ahead of WrestleMania weekend.

Over the past few years, Giulia has been one of the biggest female stars in Japan, where she was part of the Stardom roster. However, as politics raised its head in Stardom, Giulia’s exit from the company was confirmed after founder Rossy Ogawa was fired by Stardom’s parent company.

Wrestling’s politics were in plain sight as AEW boss Tony Khan celebrated Ogawa’s firing while making allusions to “corporate espionage.” Khan’s response might explain why AEW refused to even make a contract offer to Giulia which surprised many at the time.

Giulia Backstage At WWE SmackDown

Giulia is widely expected to be WWE-bound but she will not be heading directly to the sports entertainment giant. Instead, she will remain in Japan for some time as part of Rossy Ogawa’s new promotion to help get it off the ground.

PWInsider has now reported that both Giulia and Rossy Ogawa were spotted backstage at SmackDown in Philadelphia. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the star will be making the jump to WWE quicker than previously thought but a surprise appearance at NXT Stand & Deliver might not be out of the question.