New WWE Faction Proving Big Merch Sellers For The Company

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A recently formed combination would seem to be doing impressive numbers when it comes to shifting their t-shirts.

Some stables in professional wrestling have some of the most iconic and no doubt top selling merchandise of all time. From DX to The Bullet Club, you can expect to see shirts from factions like these at shows on a regular basis.

On faction which would seemingly be doing particularly well is the recently formed Latino World Order. In a discussion on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that the numbers they’ve shifted since Rey Mysterio formed the group just a few weeks ago have been good.

They sell Eddie merchandise, and the thing that hit it right now is because the LWO was Eddie Guerrero’s gimmick in WCW. It was more than just doing the three amigos. They’re actually doing…there’s no doubt that it’s a total copy, it’s the same t-shirt, and they bring up that it was Eddie’s group. It was 100%. It was the LWO gimmick. They’re selling merchandise very well right now. That is 100% meant as something Eddie Guerrero popularized right down to the team losing every match practically.

Earlier today, a former WWE star commented on Rey Mysterio using the shirts to “prostitute” off the family name of Eddie Guerrero, although he later clarified his remarks as being a heel.

With thanks to WrestlingNews.Co for the transcription.