Ex-WWE Star Trolls Fans With Rey Mysterio Comments

Rey Mysterio

Chavo Guerrero had wrestling fans talking in recent days after seemingly accusing Rey Mysterio of “prostituting” his family name and calling for Mysterio to give some of his money to the late Eddie Guerrero’s daughters.

Speaking during a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, Chavo Guerrero apparently took issue with Rey Mysterio paying tribute to Eddie Guerrero at WrestleMania 39 and says that he’s “tired of people prostituting” his family name:

“I gotta tell you this, I just don’t understand why Rey Mysterio still has to — look, we all love Eddie (Guerrero). But we’re not going out with his gimmick and our gimmick, it was Los Guerreros’ gimmick and come out with the Los Guerreros, ‘We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal’ and everybody’s like, oh yeah, keeping Eddie’s memory alive. I say no dude. I’m tired of people — and this is not a bitter thing, this is the truth.

“We worked hard for that last name. This whole family worked really, really hard to get that name to where it was and we’re tired of people prostituting it in a sense and using it for their benefit.

“So Rey Mysterio, I’m sorry that no one knows who Rey Mysterio Sr. is, Rey Mysterio Jr. No one knows who he is and I’m sorry that you have to latch on to the Guerrero family and we’re just kind of tired of it so, thank you for keeping Eddie’s name alive, thank you for keeping the Guerrero name alive but we don’t need you, we’re good, you know what I’m saying?”

Chavo Guerrero followed up on social media to apparently double down on his remarks:

If @reymysteriois really mentioning the Guerrero name only in tribute &not to line his own pockets with cash, maybe he’ll donate some of that money to charity,or even better,how about to Eddie’s daughters.That will show myself &the fans that hes not prostituting the family name”

Guerrero however, living up to his uncle Eddie later revealed that he lied and that he was demonstrating how a heel should Tweet while gloating that fans fell for his remarks:

“This is how a heel should tweet. Hook, line & sinker….I still got it.”

h/t POST Wrestling