New Rules In Place For WWE Extras

WWE Extras

New guidelines have been implemented for non-contracted WWE talent.

As reported by Fightful Select, those that come into WWE for extra work have been told to follow new rules in the past few months if they wish to be used by the company. Fightful currently doesn’t know the finer details of the rules but looks to gain more information in the near future.

Extra work in WWE is predominately undertaken by aspiring actors and independent wrestlers for one-off roles on weekly TV. For example, local wrestlers in the area are utilised to act as security for the event, being beaten up by a top star to make them look dominant in front of the audience.

Before They Were Famous: WWE Extras That Went On To Bigger Things

Multiple members of the WWE and AEW main roster started out their wrestling careers as extras on weekly TV or pay-per-views. When Dean Ambrose portrayed his germophobe character, he was accompanied to the ring one week by a personal SWAT Team. One of the entourage would go on to sign with AEW, former TNT Champion Powerhouse Hobbs.

Prior to being known as Tye Dillinger and Shawn Spears, the WWE Universe first knew the future chairman as Stan. As seen in a backstage segment at Cyber Sunday 2006, Michaels went on a tirade after being told that he was not controversial enough. The first target for the series of Superkicks was the extra played by Spears.

During his feud with The Undertaker in 2007, Muhammad Hassan would not confront The Deadman on SmackDown, instead sending lawyer Thomas Whitney, ESQ to do his dirty work. Whitney would undergo a drastic change of appearance in 2015, returning to the company as Tommaso Ciampa.