NBA Legend Charles Barkley Wanted To Beat Up WWE Star

Charles Barkley NBA

Charles Barkley had a strong reaction while commenting about a recent WWE match.

When it comes to the world of basketball, Charles Barkley is considered by many people to be one of the greatest players ever. The Basketball Hall of Famer was a former NBA MVP who made 11 All-Star Games and a member of the legendary 1992 & 1996 Olympic basketball teams that won gold medals.

While Barkley’s career as a player was legendary on its own, he has also been an iconic television star since retiring from the sport. For the past 24 years, Barkley has been part of the legendary NBA on TNT television show with Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith & Shaquille O’Neal. Thanks to his unique personality that has shown he’s not afraid to speak his mind, Barkley has become a household name as an announcer.

It is also fairly well-known that Charles Barkley is a wrestling fan since he has talked about it many times over the years.

Charles Barkley Wants To Beat Up Chad Gable

During his playing days, Charles Barkley was known for his skills on the court as one of the best forwards ever, but he was also known for his willingness to get physical with his opponents. Sometimes, that physicality led to fights as well.

Barkley appeared on the Pat McAfee Show hosted by the WWE Raw announcer, which led to some talk about current World Wrestling Entertainment storylines. In the main event of WWE Raw from Montreal, Sami Zayn beat Chad Gable to keep the Intercontinental Title in Zayn’s hometown. After the match, Gable did a cheap attack on Zayn that included a German Suplex on the floor and an Ankle Lock. Barkley made it known that he didn’t like those actions.

“You know what, I was going to fly up there and whoop Gable’s ass. That man whooped [Sami’s] ass in front of his wife and parents. I didn’t like that at all. You can’t kick a man’s ass in front of his wife and parents. I didn’t like the ending. You can’t kick a man’s ass at his house. That’s bad karma.”

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