Natalya Presented With Six Guinness World Records For WWE Career

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Natalya was recently presented with six Guinness World Records in honor of her achievements during her WWE career.

Over the course of the last 15 years, Natalya has built a reputation as being one of the most talented, durable, consistent and reliable women’s wrestlers in WWE. As a result of that, her career accomplishments have been rewarded by the world-famous Guinness World Records.

During her WWE career, Natalya has held the Smackdown Women’s Title, the WWE Divas Title, she’s a Women’s Tag Team Champion and competed in numerous Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank matches, along with many other match types.

While in England for the WWE Money in the Bank Premium Live Event, Natalya was presented with six plaques by an Official Adjudicator Mark. The plaques represented Natalya’s six recognized records for a female performer in WWE history:

  • Most WWE matches (female) – 1,514
  • Most WWE wins in a career (female) – 663
  • Most WWE PLE appearances (female) – 75
  • Most WWE Wrestlemania appearances (female) – 8
  • Most WWE RAW matches (female) – 174
  • Most WWE Smackdown matches (female) – 200

Those records will only continue to grow because she has shown no signs of slowing down even after 15 years on the main WWE roster.

Natalya talked to the Daily Mail about her incredible Guinness World Records.

“So it was such a cool surprise and something I didn’t expect, so it is very very cool. So most matches, most wins, most premium live events, most Wrestlemania matches, most Raw matches most Smackdown matches.”

“It’s very cool. Very humbling but it’s exciting and it’s so nice to be recognised by Guinness. I always joke with people they’re not records for like the longest finger nails. It’s just a testament to the years that I have worked in WWE.”

You can see Natalaya’s photo with the Guinness World Records plaques below.

As for what’s next, WWE has announced that Natalya will challenge Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Title on the July 3rd edition of Raw.

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