Name Behind Staggering AEW Full Gear Main Event Finish Revealed

AEW Full Gear MJF wearing brass knucks

Full Gear saw MJF finally fulfill his own prophecy and capture the AEW World Championship but not without a shocking twist at the end.

MJF had promised to not use his Dynamite Diamond ring to defeat Jon Moxley at Full Gear as he has so many times before but he was also at pains to remind the crowd week after week that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. At Full Gear, the full picture became clear.

With Jon Moxley trying to revive a knocked-down referee late on in his title bout with MJF, William Regal slipped The Salt of the Earth his brass knuckles, allowing MJF to knockout Regal’s Blackpool Combat Club teammate and pick up the win and with it the AEW World Championship.

Now Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has reported that AEW CEO Tony Khan was behind the finish of the match and adds that his belief is that Regal will now be aligned with MJF moving forward as a pairing in the same vein as Don Callis and Kenny Omega.

Meltzer adds that “several of the most influential wrestlers” had brought up another potential finish to the match but the belief is that either way, MJF was winning the AEW World Title.