Mr. T Claims Wrestlers Were Jealous Of Him In WWE

Hulk Hogan Mr T

Mr. T described a very different WWE compared to the one known today.

Today’s WWE appears to be significantly friendlier towards celebrities and outsiders participating in it.

From Bad Bunny to Logan Paul, to various an entire wing devoted in the WWE Hall of Fame devoted to non-wrestlers, high-profile figures in pop culture seen to have a much easier time getting into WWE if they choose to.

That’s especially true if one were to ask Mr. T, who described how much jealousy he endured during his crossover days during the 1980s.

On an episode of comPODres, Mr. T described how he entered a business that was wary of involving outsiders, and most of the wrestlers in his time were unaware that he actually did have some experience with the craft.

“When I came in, at first, some of the wrestlers were a little jealous. Number one, they didn’t know I could bring it. I was a wrestling champion in the city of Chicago. I knew how to wrestle.

They didn’t realize the business of wrestling. Vince McMahon brought me in to elevate wrestling. Those guys, sure, they had been around and had it hard. I’m bringing light to wrestling, and they didn’t see that. They were a little jealous at first.

They thought that, me coming in that I couldn’t hold my own. They found out real quick.”

h/t Fightful for the transcription