“More To The Story” Of Kairi Sane’s WWE Return

Kairi Sane

There could be more than meets the eye to Kairi Sane returning to WWE.

PWInsider Elite’s Mike Johnson first reported that Kairi Sane is expected to return to WWE very soon. Sane left the company in December 2021 on good terms to return to her native Japan. The PWI report noted that “her return will be imminent, possibly as soon as this week.”

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer suggested that more information about Kairi Sane choosing to leave Japan again to come back to WWE could come to light but not until next year:

“There is more to the story and it probably won’t come out until 2024, but there is more to the story. The gist of everything is that there are a lot of different moving parts going on in Japan that probably helped make the decision.

“She said that she had multiple offers, which tells me that AEW was probably interested, as they should have been, and AEW would have probably allowed her to live in Japan or at least be in Japan and go back and forth, whereas in WWE she is going to have to stay.

“But, you know, she knows WWE, she has never been in AEW, WWE is the major league as a general rule so she went back to WWE. So she has got an All Japan show, I think she has got one more Stardom show, and there may be something else but that is pretty much it, she’s pretty much got only a few shows left in Japan.”

What did Kairi Sane do when she left WWE?

After her departure from WWE, Kairi Sane returned to Japan where she has been competing mainly for Stardom under the name of KAIRI. The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion has only had 17 matches since her WWE exit and one of those saw her become the first-ever IWGP Women’s Champion in November 2022.

She held that title for ninety days before losing it to former WWE star Mercedes Mone in February 2023 at NJPW Battle In The Valley.

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