MJF Slams WWE Legend As The Worst Actor Of All Time

MJF wearing shades

MJF thinks one WWE Hall of Famer made life harder for everyone else.

The AEW World Champion recently took his first major step into Hollywood by starring in and helping produce “The Iron Claw.” MJF is far from the first wrestler to swap the squared circle for a movie set, with the likes of Roddy Piper, The Rock, John Cena, Batista, and Hulk Hogan all finding some measure of success.

However, with regard to Hogan, the AEW star believes he actually did more harm than good.

Speaking to Dr Beau Hightower, MJF discussed the perception of wrestlers in Hollywood.

“I think a lot of the time, when people look at wrestlers going into acting, because Hulk Hogan did such a shit job. He did, let’s be honest, probably one of the worst actors of all time. People were so hesitant of letting pro wrestlers into acting.

Thanks to trailblazers like Cena, Rock, and Batista, absolutely massacring it every single time they are on screen, and killing it. It’s pretty cool and unique now because when they look at wrestlers, they understand now that what we do is really difficult and it takes a lot of charisma, charm, and athleticism. So does being the top draw in Hollywood.

I think it’s a pretty easy transition, I shouldn’t say that. It’s an easy transition if you’re capable of being a top guy in my sport. It’s easier. If you’re somebody that struggles in front of the red light and you’re just a really good grappler (it’s harder).”

MJF: “Hulk Hogan Is A Liar And A Racist”

During the same appearance, MJF dismissed Hulk Hogan as a liar and a racist. The star explained that Hogan’s personal life has impacted how he’s seen in wrestling, leading many to overlook just how big and successful he was in his prime.

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