MJF Blasts Liar & Racist Hulk Hogan

MJF Hulk Hogan

MJF has done something Hulk Hogan might find difficult as he tells the complete truth in his assessment of the WWE Hall of Famer.

Ahead of a long night at Full Gear where he’ll put both his titles on the line, MJF was given a going-over by Dr. Beau Hightower when he was asked why he thinks Hulk Hogan is not well thought of by wrestling fans in this day and age and he did not hold back in his response:

Because he’s a liar and a racist. It doesn’t change the fact that he was a massive draw and the professional wrestling business will never be the same because of him, for the better, but there are plenty of professional wrestlers that did great business, it doesn’t mean that they’re great people.

Chris Benoit is a great professional wrestler, it doesn’t mean he’s a good person. I think for some reason, wrestling fans kind of struggle with that. They can’t separate the two, which is why I think people love me. I’m out and out a horrible person, and I’m honest about it. It’s like at least I’m honest about it.

Hulk Hogan’s Legacy Tarnished By Racist Remarks

Hulk Hogan was caught on tape several years ago using racist slurs multiple times. His story-telling in interviews has become legendary, so much so that The Rock was accused of channeling Hulk Hogan when he made the claim he almost made the switch to MMA.

MJF will headline Full Gear against Jay White with the AEW World Championship on the line. A win for The Salt of the Earth will mean he becomes the first man to hold that title for a calendar year.