MJF Says Wrestlers From All Sides “All Rooting For Each Other”


MJF wants to see an end to tribalism in wrestling.

Following the launch of AEW in 2019, vocal sections of social media can be seen defending their chosen company no matter what and criticising the competitor even if they are producing great content, much to the annoyance of fans who just want to enjoy wrestling no matter which promotion is producing it.

Speaking on a Busted Open Radio Town Hall interview, MJF revealed that despite what some fans may think, talents in both WWE and AEW are extremely supportive of what the other company is doing:

“I call it emotional puppeteering. I definitely feel I’m the best, but I’m not gonna sit here and pretend I’m the only one. There’s this weird thing going on now in professional wrestling where I’ll see fans online, the way they communicate with each other, it’s like all-out war. Just so you guys know, that’s not what’s going on with the wrestlers. We’re all rooting each other on because realistically, the better the two companies are doing, the more money we’re gonna make. So stop arguing. We’re all freaking having a blast.

The World Champion continued, stating that he enjoys watching WWE and that there is enough room for multiple top stars to exist in all promotions:

I’m watching LA Knight and Cody Rhodes every week, and I’m having a blast, just like I know everybody else is having a blast, just like I know that there are fans out there watching Better Than You Bay-Bay having a blast every single week. There’s so much great professional wrestling going on, and there’s more than enough room for it, clearly. Because AEW is about to have the biggest crowd, this is not hyperbole, the biggest crowd ever in the history of the sport, and I’m headlining it. When I think about that, it’s so insane to me,”

MJF Gets Ready For All In

Fast-approaching one year at the top of the company, The Devil will headline the biggest show in company history on August 27th, defending the championship against best friend Adam Cole. Recently embracing his more compassionate side towards wrestling fans, MJF recently had a wholesome interaction while making an in-person appearance. In the same interview, the World Champion credited Adam Cole for this change of heart.

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