MJF – “Adam Cole Made Me A Better Person”

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MJF has changed his ways thanks to Adam Cole.

Prior to the reluctant partnership blossoming into the friendship seen on weekly TV, the AEW World Champion was a self-confessed scumbag. The old MJF would insult fans at meet and greets, not compete unless it was for a large paycheck and attempt to end Chris Jericho’s career by hurling his former partner off the top of a steel cage. Now a changed man, MJF credits it to his new best friend.

Speaking with Busted Open Radio, the World Champion revealed that his friendship with Cole expanded beyond weekly TV and has opened up about his previous trust issues:

“To be the biggest headliner in the history of the sport and to win, and the fact that I get to do it with somebody who means so much to me…I feel like people think like me and Adam Cole, we hang out at TV and then [go] ‘Okay, bye,’ and he goes home. I talk to this dude every day. He’s my brother. I’ve never met somebody more caring, more supportive, more warm. I’ve never really been able to trust anybody. Unfortunately, I have R.S.D. If anybody doesn’t know what it is, it’s Rejection Sensitive Disorder.

Essentially, what’s gonna happen today, which is sad, is I’m going to leave this room, and just because this is the way my brain is wired, doesn’t matter how much therapy I have, I’m gonna leave this room, and I’m gonna go, ‘Well, they all hate me. Which is why it made it so easy for me to be a piece of sh*t for my entire career. It made it so hard for me to let my guard down. But Adam Cole taught me how to let my guard down. He’s made me a better person. That’s the god’s honest truth,”

MJF Is Focused On The New Year

Dubbed The Bidding War of 2024 by the man himself, MJF has made it very clear that he has no allegiances to AEW and will go to whichever promotion offers him the most money. Confirming that his contract does run out on January 1st, The Devil has revealed exactly what he wants to see in his new contract.

With his next match taking place in front of over 80,000 people, the World Champion will hope that one unfortunate in-ring experience does not repeat itself at Wembley Stadium.

H/t to Fightful.